Monthly Archives: June 2018

Keep Your Pet Away from Blue-Green Algae

Hot, wet summertime conditions foster the development of blue-green algae in ponds and lakes. Steve Ensley, a clinical veterinary toxicologist at Kansas State University in Manhattan, said Monday in a news release from the university, health problems can arise when animals and people come into contact with various toxins produced by blue-green algae. The most […]

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Regular Veterinary Care Prevents Dangerous Periodontal Disease

Untreated periodontal disease in cats and dogs can lead to heart, liver and kidney damage, according to the AVMA, but periodontal disease is preventable with regular at-home and veterinary cleaning and care. Signs of dental problems that should be checked by a veterinarian include bad breath; discolored, broken or loose teeth; oral pain or bleeding; […]

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Keep Your Family Together — Microchip Your Pet

During this stormy and noisy season, more pets run off and are lost than at any other time of year. A key to being reunited with a lost pet is a microchip. If your pet does have a microchip, make sure it is checked yearly to ensure it is working. Not all microchips are created […]

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