Tis the Season for Giving

Lori Champion is a Hickman, Nebraska resident who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 11 years ago. Over the years, her mobility has decreased significantly. She has difficulty walking, and even everyday tasks like getting the mail and loading the dishwasher have been a struggle. Lori is trying to raise money to be able to get a service dog who will be a stable companion for her. The service dog will be able to help her walk, catch her if she starts to fall, help her up, retrieve dropped items, carry things for her, and so much more! Lori is hopeful that a service dog will bring back some independence to her life she has not had in years.

KLKN-TV News Story About Lori

Lori Champion has been a long-time client of Woodland Veterinary and we have a donation box located at the clinic if you would like to donate to her service dog fund.  You can also read more or donate online here: “Domesti-PUP for Lori”

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